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Brand new features: edit areas, fork threads, multi taxonomy!

After a while we are glad to announce brand new features in PageOneX.

We developed these features last summer, but until now they have not been available in the hosted version at We worked with Juanjo Bazán (@xuanxu) in this.

Export a thread in raw format

Until now you could export the percentage of coverage per day and paper in json and spreadsheet, now there is an extra feature that allows you to export the raw data: the extact location of every area and all its classifications (read following feature). We are starting a new project pageonexR that allows you to import your threads to R and analyse their data.

Classify by multiple taxonomies

This new feature would add the capability to add extra information to drawn areas. A highlighted area could have multiple taxonomies and open fields.

Until this new release you could only classify each area with one taxonomy. For example, an area could be categorized as “International coveragae” but not as “International  coverage” AND “Nigeria” AND “positive framing”. Now you can do it . This feature is only available for certain users. If you want to use it write a comment to this post. We are studying how to make this available for all the users.

Fork a thread

You like another’s user thread: you can clone and edit it.

Edit and remove areas

Before you had to erase all the areas in a front page to remove one. Now you can remove them separately and re-classify them.

Another great thing is the new containerized versions of PageOneX. Rafa Porres (@walter_burns)  developed it and Rahul Bhargava  (@rahulbot) deployed it at Civic media server. Thanks for your support!!

Containeraized versions, make your own deployment

Pageonex is an open-source project. Thanks to Rafa Porres (@walter_burns) we have PageOneX ready to use in a docker container. In fact, the new containerized version is what we are using now in the production version at If you don’t want to use the hosted version of pageonex at you have a few options to run it yourself. Read our documentation and choose the best option for you. We hope this helps other developers help extending the features of PageOneX.

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