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I was trying to make a new thread, when I realized there’s a missing newspaper. It’s from Argentina, and it’s called “La Nacion” ( Please, could you add it to the list? It would be a huge favour.

I’ll be waiting your answer. Thank you very much.
Your sincerely,


I have a similar issue, Indian newspapers are available for selection but their pages never appear!

Well, I think the concept is great, but I found very dissapointing two things; first, when you bumped into a 404 empty page, the previous/following ones which had been highlighted are moved downwards -some css problem it seems- and finally, after doing some twenty pages of scaps, saving failed and I gave up traying again. A lot of work ahead! Greetings from Argentina, Dave.

Hi Dave,
we are making some inprovements to prevent the tool from crashing. When handling too many images (or too few) it could eventually crash. Try to reduce the number of images (or add ore days) and reload.
Anyways, it is a good advice to save often. We are considering adding an autosave feature.

What 404 empty page did you found?
I saw once that css problem that you mention, I think it is solved now.

Sorry for the late response. thanks for reporting.
PageOneX team

I am trying to categorize and save. However, I was very disappointed when my whole day of work refuse to save. I kept getting a notification saying, The page may have moved.
I tried saving after every page of coding but my data seems to be stuck at page 7.

Hi Archana,
Sorry about that. First: thanks for reporting the bug.

Could you provide url of the thread that failed?
What do you mean with “stuck at page 7”? I was going to suggest that: to save it often while coding.


I´m making a new thread about topics in Domican Republic, but there is only one of the news papers listed for the country which has front page images available and even for this one the serie is not completed for march 2020.

It would be good if I could upload the images myself.

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