Data Model

PageOneX initial data model

Brief description of the data models

1. User: each user that uses the tool to build a visualization should create an account.

2. Thread: this is the main model which represents the visualized data with its related information:

  • thread_name: url-friendly
  • thread_display_name: full name
  • user_id: creator of thread
  • category: predefined words / or better use tags / or both
  • description: short text
  • status: open thread will add newspapers every date (will change end date) but should have a limit

3. Image: represent a snapshot of a media to code, it could be a newspaper front page or a magazine cover or even an online newspaper home page or a blog.

4. Media: different media can be represent, and identified by their country and city. It will be extended in the future to cover more different media types.

5. Highlighted Area: this model used to store the coordination of the highlighted area(s)

Questions: Non rectangular news: how to id?

Possible solution:

  • Multiple area selection
  • Select and remove a part of the selection after selecting the main article

6. Area: holds the coordinates of each specified area.

7. Coding: stores the coding that the user have created.

Other models are for association between the models.