I finally installed the PageOneX real size project with stories related to guns, wars and terrorism. Come visit the display this week to the second floor of building E14 at MIT Media Lab. Thanks all of you that helped in this process: Adrienne, Luis, Álvaro, Nacho and Matjaz!

What follows is a photographic guide to the PageOneX real size installation. Continue reading


After the post Guns vs Sports vs Wars I wanted to test news by location: local, for news related to the city or region where the newspaper is published; national for US news; and continent (as Ethan suggested). This visualizations fits pretty well with the previous one, as it fills the gaps of the more locally oriented newspapers like The Boston Globe and LA Times.

I do not think I will use this approach in the final PageOneX real size version, but it is interesting to view the same newspapers coded by different ways. I can imagine a par of special glasses that would allow the viewer shift from one visualization to another.

Note: I have only coded the main news (only the big ones).

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Preparing PageOneX 1:1 scale

PageOneX: How newspapers tell the story proposal for the Media Lab Festival
PageOneX: How newspapers tell the story? This is how the project would look like at the MIT Media Lab Festival

I am preparing a project for a physical display of a PageOneX visualization at the MIT Media Lab Festival for April 2013. I blogged about it and also gathered some references about front pages in art and cinema.

Front page analysis references

We’ve opened (with Rogelio López) a section of the website to gather articles and books related to front page analysis.

This is the open document:
I’ve also copy-pasted the content into one of the sections of the pageoenx blog:

Help us get more examples of front page analysis!

Updates on PageOneX development

Testing a new way of visualizing all the threads.
Testing a new way of visualizing all the threads.

I hope that by late April we’ll have a new version of available. You can check all the things that we are fixing or suggest yours.

Meanwhile you can use the buggy alpha version or install it in your own computer.


A cold February is a perfect month to move forward and start developing again. I’ll list some of the things that have happened this past intensive weeks:

Press Coverage

This is an easy way to set up your own version of PageOneX in Heroku, and make the process easier than in the last post about this topic.
Heroku is a free hosting service to test web apps. The free service allows you to run your app with a limit in its data base.
If something is not clear, ask in the comments. We’ll updating this post.
You’ll need:
Let’s say you want to create your app named “pageonextesterx”. It will have the url:  “pageonextesterx” must be an unique name, no other app should have your chosen name. So change it!
Run the following commands in a terminal (tested with ubuntu)
git clone
It clones (downloads) the files for the deployment. You can also download them from:
Create your app at Heroku:
heroku create pageonextesterx
For this you’ll have had to create your own Heroku account before and choose a name that no one has taken before.
Go into the created folder.
cd pageonex
Edit the git config file at .git/config
nano .git/config
or use
gedit .git/config
The file will open in the “nano” editor or “gedit” editor. You can also go to the hidden folder .git and open the “config” file.
Once inside you have to change “” by “”. This will tell Git where to upload your files. If you try to upload (push) to “” you will not have the rights to do it.
Now you are ready to upload your app:
git push heroku master
You will need to upload your ssh key to heroku. You can find it (in ubuntu) at /home/.ssh/, and have to copy paste in your heroku account settings page.
To view hidden files you have to activate view of hidden files.
It will upload your files to your deployment. Now you need to run more commands:
heroku run rake db:migrate --app pageonextesterx
We are adding “–app pageonextesterx” is to specify which of the apps that you have it’s being used.
heroku run rake scraping:kiosko_names --app pageonextesterx
Go to You are ready to go!
Note: We hope to have soon our own deployment running at, so you don’t have to install your own. We are providing you with this manual to help run your own deployment. Running it in your computer is more difficult than doing it remotely in eroku, as you do no have to install rails, ruby or the gems associated with the project.