Arab Spring Visualization with Processing + Inkscape

I’ve done this datavis on arab spring with processing + inkscape and here’s Pablo’s comments
  1. In order to see the highlighted areas front pages need to be less intense (semitransparent).
  2. US newspapers have longer format. We’ll have to take that in account. Every newspaper has its own format. Preserve it.
  3. Highlighted areas need to be stronger. Use multiply option in the fusion of the layer, and not transparency. I think you changed from layer after you coded the “mubarak photo” 6.3 nytimes, so the other areas don’t work well.
  4. To make it better: it’d be great to add some info, at some days.
  5. Add year, source, color code: for Syria and Egypt, what is being coded

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Some more comments:
1. (cont) the script produces a 3 layer svg file. The medium layer is the “filter”. I has already a transparency applied to it. YOu can also modify the transparency of a white rectangle.

2. (cont) in the script ( line 24, you can select the height of the newspaper:
“int heightFrontPage = 1100; //height of the newspaper. the width is 750px. 1500px for US newspaper. 1100px for Spanish”

3. (cont) To move objects from one layer to another in Inkscape, you need to
-Cut the object
-Select the layer you want to paste in
-Ctrl + Alt + V

4. (cont) To give context to the reader-viewer, it is essential to provide contextualized information to understand what was happening by then.

6. Please, trim the photo (downsize if necessary) and upload it to the WordPress. Eventually also link it to the source in Dropbox, but we don’t want to depend on third party hosting. Such a huge file makes the page load very slowly.

I hope to see a second version of it! Nice to see the first script being used and tested. It still has a lot of potential, but it requires to know a bit of Processing and Inkscape.

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